Three columns are placed in a city. Each has a simple shape placed on top.
Using the proximity and the sequence of the visible shapes the viewer can determine his location.
Three towers will cut city in 7 zones, four will cut it in 13. This division that can be used to determine district borders).
Each zone has it's own sequentive code, that can be inserted next to adress in contact information, assist tourists or be an object of territorial pride.

The more towers, the more complex is the map. Three are enough for navigation, four (while slightly more complex) would also correspond compass rose model. Fiive are just too messy.
It's possible to utilise highest buildings,
such as tv towers and skyscrapers.
Symbols inserted inline in adress.
Sports team, using the code to associate itself with their district.
This concept examplifies the basics of spatial orientation. However, it's lacking relevance due to widespread use of digital maps.

It also proposes putting huge minimalistic objects really high. Which is kinda awesome.
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